1. The Business Analyst
    The Business Analyst
    In our experience, the client side business analyst is the most under utilised roles in small to medium sized implementations. Whether it be because of a lack of resources, or a lack of understanding of the need for the business analyst, we have countless times walked in as a software vendor to find clients with undefined, or underdefined business requirements, and a lack of unity and cohesion that reduces the effectiveness of the design process. We are able to provide cost effective temporary resources to design your system around YOUR business requirements, not your software vendors or consultants extent of their knowledge.
  2. The Functional Consultant
    The Functional Consultant
    Through the entire implementation cycle, you need functional product skills in-house to provide opportunities for knowledge transfer from the software vendor to your team. This can be an expensive exercise when you work with the software vendor or implementation firm. By focussing on a small subset of products, we are able to provide your own in-house team at a fraction of the cost, allowing your project dollar to go further. Our services extend from training facilitation, test plan design and management, user documentation, and even code development.
  3. The Project Manager
    The Project Manager
    In our experience, projects with dedicated project management resources don't necessarily guarantee successful outcomes. In fact, we've seen many projects succeed in absence of them. We encourage self-directed work teams (SDWT) project management, where team members take care of project management activities as part of the team function. As both PRINCE2 and Agile trained professionals, we can guide your team members to manage projects themselves. Or, we can run point on a project as part of fulfilling another role within the team (BA, Functional consultant).
  4. System & Project Reviews
    System & Project Reviews
    In addition to in flight project implementation services, we also provide situational reviews of both systems and projects. Not getting the outputs and/or outcomes from your current system? Concerned that your project is slipping away from its objectives and timelines? Call us for a free consultation and advice on the best way to proceed.
  5. Business Improvement
    Business Improvement
    Crawl, Walk, Run. Business Improvement comes from continuous refinement of business processes, and they may not also involve your core business system. Using "proven practice" business processes, and business improvement methodologies developed over the last 10 years, we can shape your business, one process at a time, to get more out of every dollar invested in your business. Call us for a free consultation on your business to see if we can help you be that little bit better.
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