About Us
All IT projects are not created equally.
However, one thing is common. No matter how good the team, each member is representing someone. Whether that be the client, the software vendor or the consulting firm, that representation comes with its own influences, controls, and limitations (or "orbits").
Orbit Consulting Services was born out of the need for alignment of those orbits. As professionals, we have been within each of those orbits previously.
We've been clients of software implementations.
We've worked for software vendors.
We've worked with software vendors as their onsite "rep".
So now...
We represent you, your business, and your outcomes, bringing together decades of experience to know how to get the best out of any IT project.
Our founding members cover 20 years of project and events experience working in:
  - Financial Services
  - Aged & Community Care
  - Federal, State, Local Government
  - Tourism, Hospitality & Travel
With such a broad variety of industries, we work with a multitude of business systems including:
  - Entry Level (QuickBooks, Reckon, MYOB and Xero)
  - Mid Level (Attaché, Sybiz)
  - Enterprise Systems (TechnologyOne, IFS, Microsoft suite)
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