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What We Do
  1. Product Agnostic Implementation Services
    Product Agnostic Implementation Services
    Need help installing that shiny new software package? Not sure where to start looking for your new system? We've been there, on both sides of the equation, and can help you get the best outcomes for your organisation. Whether it be Business Analyst, Functional Consultant, or Project Manager, we have you covered.
  2. Business Improvement
    Business Improvement
    Is your business not getting the desired results out of that system? Chances are its not ENTIRELY the systems fault. We provide tools and methodologies to review your business processes in line with industry proven practice and show you how you can do better. Book us in today for a FREE review
About Us
Orbit Consulting Services was created to provide product agnostic, independant services to clients to ensure they get the best out of their vendor. 
With implementation services provided to over 100 clients throughtout Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific, we are a multi-product, multi-level business improvement specialist.
We've worked through multi-million dollar government led systems replacements, through to helping start-ups pick the best system for them to grow. 
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